Microfilm/Fiche Conversion

Film Conversion

The advantages of microfilm over paper are great; it is lower cost, highly compact, and a more stable archival. However, microfilm can only be shared as a hard copy and can only be viewed on specialized equipment, which, in the highly digital 21st century, is becoming more and more limited while maintenance costs are rising.HiRes

Also, generally 25 times smaller than the original paper image, microfilm can be easily lost or misfiled and will physically degrade over time.  The solution is to digitize the images, which can be indexed and searched easily, shared online, and have a much higher copying fidelity.

Let us do the work

While digitizing large volumes of microfilm can be difficult and time consuming, AmeriScan Imaging Services can quickly convert all types of film (microfiche, 16mm, 35mm, aperture cards) at a competitive rate, creating images in a variety of formats such as TIFF, JPEG, or PDF, and scanning in either black and white or grayscale, depending on the quality of the film.

The Benefits

By digitizing your microfilm, you’ll have the ability to immediately locate a file simply by searching a specific index; you can view images without expensive, specialized equipment; documents won’t easily get lost or degrade; and files can be shared quickly and easily simply by emailing or sharing online.  Let AmeriScan help your organization fully enter into the 21st century. We are your microfiche conversion company!